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What Is National Smile Month?

Here at Brite Dental, we are passionate about great oral health, and that’s why we are happy to support National Smile Month. From the 15th May-15th June 2017 dentists and orthodontists around the country, along with various other organisations, are placing a focus on the importance of oral hygiene and of taking great care of your teeth. It is the longest-running and largest campaign of its type in the UK.

The history of National Smile Month

The campaign has been running since 1977, and since that time is has continued to grow and gain more support. It was designed to improve communication between dentists and their patients, and to improve the oral health of the nation. The campaign has also expanded to the USA and makes a huge impact on social media. Over 60 million people took part worldwide in 2016.

Why is National Smile Month important?


Oral Health

Great dental health should always be a priority. Not only does it keep your smile looking great but it keeps your mouth healthy which can also affect your overall health. The campaign does vital work in encouraging people to keep up-to-date with regular dentist appointments. The old phrase ‘prevention is better than a cure’ is still true, and regular dentist visits can flag up any issues with your teeth and gums, so that they can be treated before progressing and causing further issues. The friendly and professional Brite team are on hand to book you an appointment to kick-start your National Smile Month.

What are the main goals of National Smile Month?

As well as encouraging patients to see their dentist more often, the campaign also focuses on all-round dental health. One element of this is inspiring everyone to brush their teeth twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste, to fight tooth decay and minimise the need for dental treatments such as fillings. They encourage everyone to floss, and to try to stop smoking. Another element of the campaign is to get people to cut down on the amount of sugary foods and drinks they consume, a leading cause of tooth problems, and even tooth loss. The Brite group can help to give you other great tips, such as information about sugar-free options, when and how to brush your teeth, and what acidic foods to avoid.

National Smile Week also wants to educate the nation about good gum health. The campaign provides lots of information about how the health of your mouth and gums can affect your overall health, such as the link between unhealthy gums and strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. It is important to see your dentist if you notice any tell-tale symptoms such as inflammation, loose teeth, bad breath, or blood when you brush your teeth.


At Brite Dental, our friendly care team are always at hand to care for your dental needs, don’t wait until a problem arises, make your next dental check- up today and let us do what we can to identify and prevent any dental issues.


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