• Healthy Teeth & Gums

    Healthy Teeth & Gums

Dental Health

Importance of Good Oral Health

Good oral health is vital for the prevention of any kind of gum disease like gingivitis, tooth decay and bad breath. Maintaining good oral condition will ensure that your teeth function normally and stay in your mouth for a longer period when you are older. 

Why is good oral health important to the overall body?

Some studies indicate links of cardiovascular diseases like clogged arteries and heart problem to oral bacteria. Endocarditis, which refers to heart's inner lining infection, can be caused by any germs in the blood and even the mouth. Those who lose their teeth before the age of 35 stand a higher chance of contracting Alzheimer's disease. Then there are the premature birth and low birth weight issues, which are linked to periodontitis, a serious gum disease. 

Why should people visit their dentist regularly?

Many dental experts advise healthy people to visit their dentist every six months for a routine dental check-up. During such a check-up, the dentist checks for cavities, plaque, gum issues and more. Those with systemic diseases like diabetes are usually advised to see the dentist more regularly, every three months or less. This is because a person with diabetes has lower bodily resistance to bacterial infection, which can lead to gum diseases like periodontitis. Another thing about visiting the dentist more regularly is in terms of saliva testing.

Saliva testing can indicate cortisol levels, cancer markers, toxins, antibodies and more. For example, the presence of antibodies pertaining to HIV or hepatitis can mean that the person is infected with HIV or hepatitis. Taking specific medication like painkillers and antihistamine can lessen your saliva flow. Saliva is vital for fighting against the common cold virus, preventing oral thrush and deterring specific bacterial diseases. So a regular dental visit, which includes checking on saliva condition, is indeed vital.