Dentures & Missing Teeth

What Are The Practical & Aesthetic Considerations?

When teeth are lost (from gum disease, decay or an accident) they are often replaced with dentures. Other alternatives to dentures would be fixed bridges or dental implants.

Losing teeth makes eating, smiling and chewing difficult.  Up to date research shows that losing teeth can have serious affects on self confidence in smiling and social situations.

Modern dentures can be designed to look and function just like real teeth. They have improved considerably in both appearance and comfortability in the last decade.  At Brite Dental we use only the best denture technicians as well as the most up to date cosmetic denture teeth to help make them look natural and beautiful.

What are the Types of Dentures?

If you have lost all of your teeth then a full denture can be used to replace them.  If only a number of teeth are lost then a partial denture can be made to replace the missing teeth and prevent existing teeth from moving position.  In some circumstances teeth can be used to support an overdenture.

Dentures are typically made from a gum coloured acrylic. This can also be used with a metal base or metal clips to help make the denture stable and stop it falling out.

How to keep dentures in place?

Full dentures are held in place with suction to the gum tissue.  To help keep them in place some patients benefit from using denture adhesive.  In cases where patients struggle to eat normal food or are unhappy with how loose their dentures are dental implants can be used to offer greatly increased stability. Implant secured dentures offer patients that choose them the ability to eat almost any food without the fear of their teeth coming out.  

If you would like to find out more about dentures at Brite Dental contact us today.