Wisdom Tooth Removal at Brite Dental

Also known as the third molar, the wisdom tooth can appear at different ages: in some people, it grows during the teenage years, while in other people it does not grow until they reach their late 20s. Wisdom tooth removal is a very common dental procedure and it is usually performed when the tooth becomes impacted or it starts to grow sideways.

When Should Patients Consider Removing Their Wisdom Teeth?

There are many reasons why patients opt for dental removal. For instance, some of them experience gum bleeding when the third molar does not have enough room to grow normally, thus erupting horizontally inside the jaw. On the other hand, in some cases the wisdom tooth may only erupt partially, which can be painful. However, this is a highly individual experience as some people may not even grow a wisdom tooth at all.

The most notable benefit of removing the third molar is the fact that the treated area will become cleaner and more hygienic overall, as it often happens that patients with impacted wisdom teeth cannot brush their teeth or floss them properly. This makes certain areas of the mouth more predisposed to oral infections and gum disease, as they tend to attract bacteria.

Some dentists recommend their patients to have their wisdom teeth extracted even before the root is formed: the younger the patient, the easier and less painful the procedure. However, if the tooth has started to emerge already and the patient experiences repeated gum infections, cysts, pain, tooth decay or damage to the nearby teeth, then all these signs and symptoms may be triggered by the wisdom tooth. If that is the case, then immediate removal is recommended.

What are the Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Choosing an experienced and trustworthy dentist for the removal of the wisdom tooth is paramount, as it is crucial for you to feel as comfortable as possible. Going to the dentist for an extraction can be a very stressful experience, especially since patients often go through swelling and pain in the gum when the third molar starts to erupt.

By removing a tooth that is either trapped or impacted, you will be able to chew easier and without experiencing any pain or bleeding. Besides this, the risk for gum disease or infection is significantly reduced as well.

The wisdom tooth can also take its toll on the adjacent teeth by crowding them. This can result in lengthy and pricey orthodontic treatments designed to restore the patient's smile. By removing it, the patient can rest assured knowing that the other teeth are properly aligned and healthy.

To conclude, skilled and highly trained dentists at Brite Dental play an important role as they make sure that the entire wisdom tooth removal procedure goes smoothly, quickly and with minimal discomfort for the patient. If you would like to remove your wisdom teeth contact Brite Dental practice and book an appointment with our clinical team.