Customized Mouthguards From Brite Dental

Are you active in sports or do you wear a dental appliance? Are you worried about losing a tooth or hurting your gums because you wear braces? A mouthguard is a good precaution to prevent your teeth from breaking or your gums from getting injured in physical contact. Mouthguards also protect against concussion and neck injuries by preventing the lower jaw jams into the upper jaw. A professionally made mouthguard should be tasteless, odorless, damage resistant, fit well, and comfortable to wear. You should also be able to speak and breathe unimpeded.

What is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a flexible, rubber-like device that protects your teeth, gums and mouth from damage and injury. It acts as barrier against blows and physical contact, which can cause tooth loss, jaw fractures and concussion. A mouthguard can protect the inside of your cheeks from injury when you wear dental appliance such braces or bridgework. They are also available in many colours and are worn in many sports including football, rugby, mixed martial arts, boxing, gymnastics, racquetball and wrestling.

Are there Different Types of Mouthguards?

The first type of mouthguard is the stock type, which is preformed and is bought at a drug store or sporting goods store. This mouthguard is the worst and can lead to choking or injury. The second type is made from mouth-forming, thermoplastic or acrylic gel to form an impression of your bite. This type is better than the pre-formed type but is bulky and is not as comfortable as a custom mouthguard. A customised mouthguard is best for the protection of your teeth as it is made in the dental lab matching your own teeth and mouth.

Why Choose a Customised Mouthguard from Brite Dental Clinics?

When we customise your mouthguard at Brite Dental clinics, our dental technicians will take an impression of your teeth. Thereafter, a mould is created from the teeth impression. The mouthguard created from the mould is an exact impression of your upper teeth, which creates a mouthguard that fits comfortably.

Our mouthguard technicians have years of experience. For advice on what type of mouthguard would be right for you, contact our friendly and helpful staff at our Brite Dental clinics in Clarkston, Paisley, Bridge of Weir or Houston.