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    Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Smile Confidently With Great Results  

Do you feel that overtime your teeth have become discoloured?

Do you hide your teeth in pictures because you are not happy with the colour of them?

Do you want a whiter and brighter smile? 

The good news is that we can help. 

At Brite Dental, we offer a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment that will give your smile that brightening boost you have always wanted.

The advantage for you is that your teeth will be brighter and whiter meaning you will have confidence in your smile so that you can smile and laugh without having to worry about your teeth looking stained or yellow.


Did you know that Brite Dental can offer you professional and efficient in-house teeth whitening kit? Our dental care team is using the most advanced, safe and pain-free teeth whitening brands to achieve great teeth whitening results and restore the sparkle of your smile.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth tend to lose their lustre over time due to the consumption of coloured foods and drinks or smoking. Tooth whitening treatment allows you to lighten your teeth and remove various dental stains or discoloration. It is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments because it achieves instant results and can greatly improve your looks.

What tooth whitening solutions do we offer?

Teeth Whitening can provide the perfect solution if you are not happy with the colour of your teeth. At Brite Dental, we offer two different treatments in one to maximise the results and return your teeth to a bright white. Together the in house whitening and take home whitening systems can make your teeth up to ten times whiter than before and your dentist can advise on how successful the treatment is likely to be.


What happens during teeth whitening at the dentist?

In House Whitening is carried out by your dental clinician after a consultation to assess the suitability of your teeth for treatment. During the procedure a protective barrier is placed between your teeth and your gums and the teeth whitening gel is applied to your teeth. The gel is activated with a blue light that remains on the teeth for ten minutes. After this time the gel is washed off and the procedure is repeated twice.

It is a completely safe, pain-free and highly effective teeth whitening procedure that allows our dentists to whiten your teeth within an hour. We can help you to achieve the level of the teeth whiteness you desire – from naturally white to Hollywood bright.

Are you looking for the professional teeth whitening kits?

Are you looking for the best teeth whitening kits available today? Would you like to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home? Our dental team can offer you custom made, pain-free, safe and effective teeth whitening kits that include professional teeth whitening gel and bespoke whitening trays.

How do we prepare custom made trays? Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth in order to prepare precise whitening trays to suit the form and shape of your teeth. These impressions are sent to the in-house dental laboratory where study models are made so that whitening trays can be constructed for your home use. These trays are used with the whitening gel provided with your take home whitening system.

Why choose custom made trays?

At Brite Dental,  we advise that you have custom made trays constructed as these are specifically made for the shape, size and comfort of your mouth unlike the trays that are available on the internet, beauticians or at chemists. These trays can hurt your gums, soft tissue and may not be able to whiten your teeth evenly if at all due to poor fit and one size fits all standard tray.

Would you like to get professional teeth whitening for less?

Did you know that you can save £299 and get teeth whitening for free when you join our Beautiful Smiles Dental Plan ? We also offer a special Brite Whitening Plan for only £20.99 a month which can save you around £160 a year. Both plans offer excellent benefits and help to maintain bright and healthy smile all year round. Ask our team for more information on this fantastic offer.

Join our fantastic Brite Whitening Dental plan today and keep your smile sparkling for less! 

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