Healthy Foods For Healthy Teeth

How Does Nutrition Affect Oral Health?

National Smile Month is UK’s largest and longest- running campaign to promote good oral health. One of the key messages this campaign highlights is to cut down on sugary foods and drinks. So, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some tips on how you can do just that!

How Does Nutrition Affect Oral Health?

The foods you eat affect your teeth and gums as well as your overall health. A poor diet can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Foods high in carbohydrates, sugars and starches greatly influence the production of plaque acids that attack the tooth enamel. Eventually these acids can cause tooth enamel to break down, causing the formation of a cavity.

Foods that contain sugars of any kind can contribute to tooth decay. Almost all foods, including milk and vegetables, contain some type of sugar, however these foods are a necessary part of a healthy diet, because many of them also contain important nutrients. Try avoiding foods and drinks with added sugars, you will find these present in fizzy drinks, fruit juice, energy drinks, sweets, biscuits and pastries.

A varied diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, fresh fruit and vegetables can help to prevent gum disease.  If your diet lacks certain nutrients, this can make it more difficult for tissues in your mouth to resist infection.

What Foods Should I Eat To Help Maintain A Healthy Mouth?

Most of us are aware of the importance of good oral hygiene habits and try to maintain a regular brushing and flossing routine, however often we forget about the impact food can have on our teeth.


Apples are full of vitamins and the skin of the apple scrubs against your teeth which helps remove plaque and stains. Furthermore, they are great for getting rid of bad breath as the acidity of the apple helps kill any bad bacteria that may be the cause of this.

Green Vegetables

Spinach, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables come with a huge variety of health and dental benefits. As well as antioxidants and iron, they are full of beta- carotene which helps keep tooth enamel strong.


Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna contain omega-3 fats which break down the inflammation that occurs when bacteria irritate gums.  They also provide us with minerals and vitamin D which are key components to strong teeth and jaw bones.

Healthy Snack Options

Drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced diet will help keep your smile healthy. If you choose a snack, choose nutritious foods such as low fat and fat-free dairy foods like cheese and yoghurt. Nuts and raw vegetables are also tooth friendly snacks.

Healthy Smiles At Brite Dental

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