• Implant Overdentures

    Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures

Replace Missing Teeth With Implant Overdentures

Would you like to replace loose or missing teeth?

Would you like to eat and chew your favourite foods easily? 

Do you worry about your denture being too loose or falling out?

The good news is that we can help. 

At Brite Dental, we offer a solution with implant overdentures to replace full sets of missing teeth. 

The advantage is you will be able to eat whatever you like without feeling any pain or discomfort.  The overdentures are a secure and stable way of replacing teeth so you can have peace of mind that they will not be loose or fall out. 

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants and supported by the gum. An implant supported denture is used when an individual doesn’t have any teeth in the jaw but has enough bone in their jaw to support dental implants.  Overdentures are removable dentures for people with a few or no remaining teeth. Overdentures were developed to help patients who are missing teeth so that they can regain a quality of life which most likely has been missing since they lost their teeth. 

What’s the Difference Between Dentures and Overdentures?

Overdentures are a more stable alternative to traditional denture fixtures. The main difference is that dentures are a removable option that is held in by the suction created between your bone ridges and the denture. The overdentures are a stable and secure way of replacing teeth as they are fitted on the top of dental implants. This technique gives the denture greater stability, support and retention, making them a more secure alternative to traditional full or partial dentures.

Types of Overdenture Treatment

Implant- Retained Overdenture 

An implant retained overdenture involves two or more implants along with a removable appliance.  The overdenture rests directly on your gums and is retained by implants placed into your upper and / or lower jaw. The overdenture is secured to your implants through retentive attachments integrated into the denture.   

Implant Supported Overdentures

Bar Retained, Implant Supported Overdentures

With this treatment, the overdenture engages clips or other types of retentive attachments on a customised metal bar that connects to implants, which are placed into your upper and / or lower jaw. The removable overdenture is secured to the bar through attachments built directly into the denture.

Ball Retained, Implant Supported Overdenture

With ball retained overdentures each implant in the jawbone holds a metal attachment that fits into another attachment on the denture. The accessories on the implants are ball- shaped and they fit into sockets on the dentures. The dentures and the implants snap together as the ball goes into the socket.   

Fixed, Implant Supported Overdenture

With this treatment, the overdenture and bar are a one-piece framework secured using screws to implants placed into your upper and / or lower jaw.  The overdenture can only be removed by a dentist. This integration is most like natural teeth as the implant overdenture does not have flanges and is not resting on your gums.


What are the Benefits of Implant Overdentures?


-Promotes better digestion you will be able to chew food more thoroughly which allows a better diet and improved health

-Improves speech and confidence

-Ends the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives

-Often can utilise your existing denture

-Minimally invasive procedure

-Helps retain your facial features and structure

-Easy maintenance

-Reduced need for bone graft.


To find out more information and start your journey on tooth replacement, please contact us and book your consultation today.