• Composite Bonding

    Composite Bonding

Improve the Look & Health of Your Smile with Professional Composite Bonding

Why choose composite bonding? 

If you are looking for a
smile makeover, composite bonding is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective transformative dental treatments available on the market. 

Over recent years, composite bonding teeth has become an increasingly popular cosmetic dental option that can help you achieve a brand-new smile with immediate results. The procedure is quick, painless and non-invasive. Patients can rest assured that their own teeth will be preserved as much as possible when undergoing composite bonding work at a Brite Dental Clinic. 

Not only does composite bonding look fantastic by providing you with a full and even new smile, but it will also improve your oral health and resolve any chips or fractures on your natural teeth. Better yet, composite bonding requires only one visit to our clinic. 

To find out more about the fantastic cosmetic dental treatment that is composite bonding, get in touch with our team today and together we can help you form your dream smile.  

Improve the Look & Health of Your Smile with Professional Composite Bonding
What is composite bonding?

What is composite bonding?


Composite bonding is a safe cosmetic dental treatment procedure that improves the overall appearance of your teeth. To do so, we use a composite resin to build on top of your natural tooth. This resin is a mouldable material that allows your dentist to shape each tooth individually, giving you optimal results that match with shape of your natural teeth exactly.  

Composite bonding can be carried out on a singular tooth or multiple teeth depending on your individual dental needs. 

Once you have agreed on the composite bonding work with your Brite dentist, our highly skilled cosmetic dentistry team will get to work transforming your smile by giving you bright, even, straight teeth with no gaps, crookedness, or discolouration, all without the need for porcelain veneers.  

Why choose Brite Dental for teeth composite bonding?


At Brite Dental, we constantly endeavour to deliver the highest quality experience to our patients. We are invested in continual training for our team so that we can deliver the latest trends and best results. We take actions to stay head of the industry and keep up to date with all the latest dental technology and best practices.  

If you choose Brite Dental for composite bonding work, or any other type of cosmetic dental procedure, we will always take the time to have an in-depth consultation with you before any final decisions are made.  

In this initial consultation, we will listen to your concerns, discuss your smile aims and talk through what treatment options are available to you. Once decided on the type of dental treatment that is best for your needs, Brite patients will receive a tailored care plan with a breakdown of costs and the number of appointments required to give them a clear picture of what to expect.  

When you attend your composite bonding appointment, we will further discuss the shape and shade you desire and ensure that you are 100% comfortable throughout your appointment. One of the benefits of having composite bonding carried out is that small adjustments can be made to your teeth until you are completely happy with the final result. This helps give more power to the patient and ensures that they will leave with a new, confident smile that they are sure of. 

We are happy to welcome you at any of our clinics in Edinburgh, Bridge of Weir, Clarkston or Paisley to start your composite bonding journey! 

Why choose Brite Dental for teeth composite bonding?
Benefits of composite bonding

Benefits of composite bonding


Composite bonding has a number of advantages and is seen as a quicker and less invasive cosmetic dental procedure compared to the likes of dental implants or veneers. 

The main advantages of teeth composite bonding are: 

  • It involves minimal and sometimes no reduction to existing teeth.

  • The cosmetic bonding agent is repairable and so can be reapplied.

  • Fast, immediate results that are achieved in just one visit.

  • This type of bonding treatment requires no injection.

  • Great alternative to porcelain veneers 

  • It looks fantastic! Simply put, you’ll walk away with a brilliant looking smile that meets all your expectations.

  • A quick solution to repairing gaps, cracks and misalignment  

Maintaining your teeth after composite bonding


Composite bonds are simple to care for but still need a proper oral hygiene routine. You should care for your bonding as you would your natural teeth by brushing twice a day, flossing daily and avoiding overly sugary foods and drinks. 

Bonding has an expectancy of around five years; however, it differs from patient to patient and will depend on individual oral health. Your dentist will keep an eye on your bonding through regular dental check-ups and will advise when it’s time to replace or update the composite bonding.  

Some simple steps patients can take to help maintain their composite bonding is by: 

  • Avoiding tea, coffee and sugary drinks for 48 hours after the procedure

  • Maintaining a good daily brushing and flossing routine, and visiting Brite Dental for regular checkups on your oral health

  • Avoiding biting your nails or other hard objects to prevent breakages or chips

Time and diet may cause staining to occur and for resin to become less tooth coloured. If this happens, we recommend coming in and getting them polished every few years to replenish the gloss finish and keep your front teeth sparking and without imperfection.  

If you follow these simple steps and stick to a good oral hygiene plan, your composite bonding will last for many years and will continue to look fresh and natural in your mouth.  

Maintaining your teeth after composite bonding

Get in touch for safe composite bonding

If you’re eager to learn more about composite bonding or to check your suitability for the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Brite Dental practice today.

We can talk you through the procedure in more detail and asses your teeth and mouth to ensure you are the right fit for teeth composite bonding.  

To take a step towards gaining a beautiful new smile, contact your local Brite Dental Practice.  

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