• Teeth Straightening

    Teeth Straightening

Have you always wanted to have a more even smile and straighter teeth but have been put off by the prospect of wearing traditional metal braces for over 2 years?

Modern orthodontic teeth straightening treatments are considered to be among the most effective ways to achieve an even, beautiful, healthy smile and they don't have to come in the form of traditional train-track braces. 

Adult orthodontic treatments have become increasingly popular as teeth straightening options have developed and advanced. According to the British Orthodontic Society, almost 1 million people in the UK had orthodontic treatment undertaken last year and nearly half of those treatments were performed on adults.

The vast majority of people would like to have a perfect smile to enhance their personal and professional lives, and now they can!

Today’s orthodontics can offer you a wide variety of dental braces and aligners that can straighten your teeth in a matter of weeks. Best of all, modern teeth straightening options can stay unnoticed for the duration of your teeth straightening treatment.

What are the teeth straightening options for fixing squint teeth?

At Brite Dental we can offer you a range of quality teeth straightening options, including:

This range of leading orthodontic systems benefits you as a patient of Brite as  our dentists can work with you to choose the teeth straightening option that best suits your dental needs and lifestyle.

You don’t need to worry about unsightly train track braces anymore as we can provide customised, clear and removable aligners that can transform your smile in a matter of months.

Contact the Brite Dental team to find out more about our high-quality orthodontic teeth straightening options that are available across our practices. 

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the practice of correcting irregular alignment of teeth or bite by the use of braces.

Dental braces (also known as ‘orthodontic braces’, or simply ‘braces’) are used to align and straighten teeth.

Now more than ever invisible orthodontics and clear dental braces can be used to straighten teeth in as little as 6 weeks in some cases.

There are a number of teeth straightening options available for both adults and children. According to the British Dental Journal 75% of the UK population could benefit from some type of orthodontics work.

What are the benefits of dental braces?

Orthodontics enable you to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Dental braces can straighten crooked or crowded teeth, overbites and under-bites, as well as correct jaw position. Braces for straighter teeth can correct poor tooth position that can cause jaw joint problems, disorders and even TMD.

If you have a cross bite or misaligned teeth, braces can help you to avoid a number of oral health related problems such as discomfort when eating food or plaque build-ups which might lead to decay, periodontal or gum disease.

The advantages of Brite Dental's teeth straightening options

At Brite Dental we can offer you a wide variety of orthodontic treatments for both adults and children including clear or invisible braces,  Invisalign and 6 Month Smiles.

Essentially all of the braces and aligners placed at Brite Dental are custom made which means that they are specifically designed to fit the shape and form of your teeth. They are designed in the highly experienced laboratory that is dedicated to only constricting orthodontic appliances.

The orthodontic appliances including 6 Month Smiles and Invisalign are clear and removable so you can take them out when you eat, speak or on special social occasions such as weddings or work conferences.

Both teeth straightening options are very thin and almost invisible so they don’t interfere with your everyday life. Clear braces or aligners are an ideal option for adult patients who have been put off by the prospect of wearing traditional brackets or metal braces.

In some cases patients are required to wear either fixed or removable retainers in order to prevent relapse, further treatment and cost.

Invisalign aligners can transform your smile without disturbing your life. It effectively treats a wide variety of cases, including spacing, cross-bite, crowding, under-bite and overbite.

6 Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic treatment that enables fast, painless and safe teeth straightening process.

If you would like to find out which orthodontic treatment is the most suitable for you or your child simply contact Brite Dental branches and book an appointment with your dentist where you will receive honest, bespoke advice regarding your teeth straightening options. 

How long does orthodontic teeth straightening treatment last?

The orthodontics treatment can be carried out from six weeks to one or two years, depending on the teeth straightening option you choose. The current state of your teeth and mouth will also have an impact on the orthodontic time scale. 

An orthodontist at Brite Dental will help to select the right treatment option and will provide you with an estimate for the length of the treatment at your initial consultation. 

Is there an age limit for getting dental braces?

Orthodontics treatment can be successful at any age. Dental braces fro straight teeth can be fitted to the patients of all ages as long as they have healthy gums and teeth.

Braces are becoming increasingly popular among adults, especially for fixing minor teeth problems.

The dentists and orthodontists at Brite Dental can improve your smile with invisible, clear or removable braces in as little as 6 months!

What should you expect from your orthodontist or dentist at Brite Dental?

Your dentist will talk to you, discuss your concerns and will offer a solution to your problem. He will outline all of the different treatment options available to you and will estimate how long should your treatment take. Once you will select the best orthodontics treatment suitable for your case your dentist will give you a written treatment plan and if appropriate a fee estimate.

If you have crooked or squint teeth and would like to find out how easy and quick it could be to straighten them then get in touch today.

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