Six Month Smiles At Brite Dental

What Are The Key Benefits Of Six Month Smiles

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Have you ever considered teeth straightening or orthodontics treatment? If you have, but been put off by the prospect of wearing braces every day for two to three years, you should consider the revolutionary 6 Month Smiles, clear braces solution.

Brite Dental clinics offer free teeth whitening if you get both of your jaws straightened with 6 Month Smiles orthodontics. 

The teeth play an important role in our lives as we can have our confidence levels affected in a major way by the ability to smile wide and bright with straight teeth. For those who do not have straight teeth the chance to undergo some form of low pressure and barely visible teeth straightening technique is something that cannot be underestimated. The Six Month Smiles orthodontic technique uses a simple and effective technique that takes an average of only six months to create a bright, straight smile without major problems or extractions usually required.

What is Six Month Smiles® Braces?

Six Month Smiles® is a short term orthodontic treatment that enables fast, painless and safe teeth straightening process. Six Month braces is a new revolutionary system available in the UK that can reduce the time taken to straighten your smile from two years to six months. The system uses wire and attachments that help speed the process up and move the teeth safely into the correct position.

Why choose Six Month Smiles® treatment?

Many people can be put off by orthodontic treatment due to the amount of time required to complete the treatment and the fact that you have wire fixed to your teeth. Traditional wire braces usually take around two years to move crooked or misaligned teeth into the correct position. Six Month Smiles is a fast and reliable solution that can give you straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful bright smile in just 6 months.

What are the key benefits of Six Month Smiles® clear braces?

Six Month Smiles is a convenient and highly effective orthodontics solution that can fit in everyone’s busy lifestyle. The benefits of the six month smile braces are:

  • Average treatment time is only six months.
  • The braces are clear and barely visible unless looking closely.
  • Teeth are moved in a quarter of the time compared with traditional braces.
  • Discomfort is kept to a minimum, as the teeth are gently repositioned.
  • Six Month Smiles is typically less expensive than traditional braces or aligner therapy.

Is Six Month Smiles® right for you?

If you would like to straighten your teeth quickly and effectively you should book a consultation with your dentist at Brite Dental either in Paisley, Clarkston Bridge of Weir or Houston. Our dental team will fully examine your smile and will let you know if Six Month Smiles treatment is suitable for you.

Is 6 Month Smiles orthodontic treatment suitable for adults?

Straighter teeth are usually obtained with a prolonged period wearing braces for either adults of children. Six Month Smiles offers a technique designed for adults who have crooked or spaced teeth and wish to improve the appearance of their teeth in a cosmetic way without making major changes to the position of their bite. The majority of adults over the age of 16 are candidates for this technique that has been created to gently move the teeth into the perfect position for an attractive and confident smile for every individual.

The Six Month Smiles technique uses adult braces that use low pressure to gently move the teeth over six months to align them correctly and remove spaces and a crooked appearance. This technique is generally seen as safer for the individual as the chances of root or tooth damage are minimal because of the low pressures used to reposition the teeth. A shortened appointment time is also used with Six Month Smiles that makes the entire procedure much simpler and easy to fit into life than the traditional use of braces.

Are there any other orthodontics alternatives?

 Yes, there are! Brite Dental can offer you Invisaligh, Inman Aligner and clear braces. Visit Brite Dental in Paisley or Clarkston and see how our care team can help you. Contact us today!