The Wand STA System

STA stands for Single Tooth Anaesthesia. For many patients, these anaesthesia injections during dental treatment are their single biggest cause of discomfort, pain and anxiety. Although injections are designed to minimise pain and discomfort during the treatment process and invasive surgeries, they can often have the opposite effect.

The ‘Wand STA’ system is a solution to this problem. It has been designed to deliver local anaesthetic (numbness) to the treatment area, without the need for a traditional dental syringe. In essence, The Wand makes numbing completely painless and helps to ease dental anxiety in patients. With its modern, attractive look and simple handling on the part of dentist, patients can now rest easy when coming to a Brite Dental practice for any type of treatment that involves syringe injections.

Our dentists are well versed in using The Wand system and can now administer numbing injections in a smooth, pain-free way.

How does the Wand System work?

Often, the pain that patients feel from traditional dental syringes is not in fact caused by the needle itself, but by the flow rate of the local anaesthetic being injected into the mouth.

Through a computer assisted delivery system, The Wand removes the human error of an overly fast flow rate, therefore ensuring a slow and steady speed which is far more comfortable and less painful.

The computerised aspect ensures that the flow rate is predictable, meaning we can guarantee a comfortable experience for every patient. We find this to be particularly reassuring for patients who suffer from dental anxiety and might otherwise be put off by simple treatment options that involve the use of syringes.

We’ve had multiple patients sight the wand as being significantly more comfortable and far less threatening than traditional syringe injections. In fact, many of our patients who were once far too anxious to even consider undergoing treatment that would need injections are now more than comfortable sitting through treatment that uses The Wand STA System.

In addition, children are also far more comfortable undergoing treatment that utilises The Wand STA.

What are the benefits of The Wand System for our patients?

As illustrated above, The Wand has a whole host of benefits that make it a more attractive option for both dentists and patients when it comes to injections in the mouth.

Some of the main benefits of The Wand System are:

  • Precise control of flow rate controlled by a computerised system ensures a far less painful injection experience
  • The Wand has the ability to target single lower back teeth (STA), which means any collateral numbness of the lip and jaw can be avoided.
  • It’s simple and easier to use for dentists, leading to a better patient experience.
  • The Wand often requires less local anaesthetic than standard syringe injections
  • The Wand is safe, comfortable, visually less threatening than traditional alternatives
  • Makes advanced techniques such as the AMSA and P-ASA far more comfortable

Pain-free dentistry at Brite Dental!

Thanks to our magical Wand STA System, Brite Dental clinics can now offer a superior level of pain-free dentistry to our patients. We aim to make visits to our practice as comfortable and care-free as possible. We understand that many individuals suffer from dental anxiety and thus have taken measures to prevent this as much as we possibly can.

We believe that through our friendly service, expert team of dental professionals and now with the addition of The Wand System, our dental practices throughout Scotland can offer a level of care that is truly second to none.

If you would like to find out more about The Wand STA System or book an appointment at one of our dental clinics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.