An In-depth Look into the Refit of the Clarkston Dental Practice

Brite Dental is committed to delivering impeccable dental care across our five Scottish dental practices, none more so than our Clarkston Dental Practice near Glasgow. 

With our team of outstanding clinicians, technicians, and clinical support staff, we have been relentlessly working to ensure great dental healthcare to every individual in the Clarkston community. Our aim is to help our patients live better, healthier lives and we firmly believe that by creating modern environments with the most up to date technology we can do just that.  

new look of Clarkston branch

But to achieve this goal, both in the short term and in the long term, we recognise that even the best practices require timely upgrades.  

That is why we have committed significant funds towards the on-going refit of our Clarkston practice. The plan is to refit each room over the next 12 months, with one room already completed and the second planned for the beginning of next year.  

These changes will allow us to offer a more comfortable and modern experience for our patients and have given our staff the technology they need to perform to the best of their capabilities.  

This blog outlines some of the main changes that have been made to the Clarkston Practice, as we continue with our mission to deliver world-class dental care to our patients across Scotland.  

History of our Clarkson practice  

Established in the East Renfrewshire community, the Brite Dental Clarkston practice was the very embodiment of our commitment to quality dentistry.  

However, despite our best intentions, the physical premises began to show signs of aging. The setup, though functional, felt somewhat disconnected from our vision of modern dentistry. We envisioned a facility where every patient felt safe, secure, impressed, and above all, comfortable but felt our aged practice did not live up to those standards.  

Thus, we decided to invest in change.  

staff posing in new looking Clarkston practice

Why we decided to revamp our Clarkston Dental Practice  

It’s simple. With the advancement in technology and the increasing awareness of patients, it was essential to bridge the gap between our high-quality service and the physical experience we provided. We want to create a welcoming environment that matches that of one of the first fully digital dental groups in the UK 

We wanted our surroundings to reflect our commitment to innovative care and match our existing state-of-the-art equipment. The addition of larger screens, sleeker surroundings, and more modern facilities were not just aesthetic choices but essential tools to enhance our patient’s dental journey. 

By investing in modern technology and enhancing the overall aesthetics of our practice, we strongly felt that both our patients and staff would benefit. So far, we were right!  

Read below to find out more about the changes we have made.  

Updates we made to modernise the practice 

So far, we have refitted one of our main surgeries, with another two planned to follow.  

As you step in, the first thing you’ll notice is the uber-comfortable patient chair – ergonomic, modern, and designed for ultimate relaxation.  

Next, your eyes will likely be drawn to the high-definition screen – a significant leap from our previous setup. Now, whether it’s an x-ray or digital imagery of dental results, everything is displayed in crisp clarity, enabling patients to visualise their dental status and the potential transformation they could achieve.  

Apart from the technological enhancements, the interior itself has undergone a massive transformation. A sleeker, more contemporary design now adorns our clinic, mirroring the advanced treatments we offer, from teeth whitening and implants to facial aesthetics and advanced orthodontics. 

Plus, a superior level of dental care driven by our experienced team who now have the technology to match their skills. 

Sorting equipment in Clarkston branch

The benefits for our patients  

The refit isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. With our revamped facilities, the ambiance is notably more welcoming, promising a smoother patient experience from start to finish.  

These recent upgrades have created a more ergonomic working environment for our clinicians, allowing them to deliver faster care outcomes for our patients. By creating a more suitable, purpose-built environment we have improved our workflow, given patients a better understanding of their own treatment needs, and added improved dental options for both our staff and patients.  

Our new HD screens don’t just display dental imagery; they foster understanding. We can now share digital scans on the big screens, helping patients to visually grasp their dental condition. This, in turn, leads to more engaged interactions, establishing stronger dentist-patient relationships.  

Furthermore, when our patients are able see their potential results in HD before treatment even begins, we find there is a greater motivation and commitment to following through with the necessary actions.  

All of this is designed to help you achieve your dream smile and live a better, healthier life.  

We firmly believe that this on-going refit has and will allow us to become more aligned with our goals, positioning us as a forward-thinking, trustworthy institution that puts patient care before all else.  

Experience our modern dental practice near Glasgow for yourself! 

We invite you to step into our newly refitted Clarkston practice, located near Glasgow, to experience the changes and improvements for yourself.  

Come and say hi. Feel the ambiance, witness the technological prowess, and, most importantly, let us guide you on a comfortable, patient-centric dental journey that helps you improve your oral health and achieve your dream smile. 

Schedule an appointment today to become a part of our commitment to revolutionising dental care. 

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