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B1G1: The Art & Value Of Giving Back

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

As the Scottish saying goes, “Charity begins at home, but shouldn’t end there”, we at Brite Dental understand the value of giving back not just to our local communities but also to those around the world. That’s why we are a member of B1G1. Together with our patients, we are making a difference socially every single day, thanks to B1G1’s special art of giving.

Introduction To B1G1

B1G1, which is short for Buy 1 Give 1, is a social enterprise based in Singapore that was set up more than 7 years ago. The idea behind this non-profit organisation is to give back via a daily business transaction. B1G1 is managed by an enterprising team with a social conscience who hail from various corners of the globe and have diverse backgrounds. Today, B1G1 has over 2,000 members.

What is special about B1G1?

B1G1 makes it possible to give back to the community with any of its low-cost projects for as little as US one cent. As Homer said, “The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others”, true enough, for example, US 80 cents make a big difference in countries like Ethiopia. Each time a B1G1 member like The Brite team makes a business transaction, a tiny portion is given back for the social development and well-being of different communities around the world. When totalled for the day, it can give an amount that makes a huge positive difference to one corner of the globe.

What you take for granted for every day, basic amenities like toilet and safe, clean drinking water are things that are hard to come by for those living in specific parts of the world. Some of the small cost projects by B1G1 are provision of safe drinking water, prevention program of child blindness, provision of clean water access, vaccination of dogs against rabies and provision of access to a basic amenity like toilet. So if you sign up with Brite Dental as a new dental patient, you too give back to those who are in dire need via us.

The link connecting you, B1G1 and Brite Dental

If you are one of Brite Dental’s existing patients and decide to follow one of our dental plans, you too are making a difference. As a B1G1 member, we at The Brite group give back to various communities via our chosen high impact B1G1 projects. What’s more, you can see every single CSR impact we made in real time via the Google map on our website.

B1G1 offers hundreds of high impact projects that were carefully screened and are in accordance with sustainable development goals as set by world leaders for the selection of its members. Some of the projects that we at Brite Dental chose previously are provision of blankets to insulate a child during winter, nourishing meals for refugee children and educating a disadvantaged child. By signing up with us as a new patient or for one of our dental plans, you too give back to the community. Don’t worry, there’s no extra charge to you in any way. It’s our small way of actively contributing to a huge positive change in the world.

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Accord Hospice Fundraising By Brite Dental

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Accord Hospice Fundraising

Accord Hospice

Over the period of five days, three great friends will cover nearly 500 km pedalling their way from London to Paris to support their local charity. The cycling will take place on the 14th of August and will last until the 18th of August. Gillian Matthew, Hilary Roberts, and Rona Scott are raising money to support Accord Hospice charity based in Paisley. So far they have raised £15,087.77 which is absolutely mind blowing. They would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support during the preparation.

‘We researched different ways of doing the event, but eventually chose to go with the Skyline charity events as this was the safer option with a backup. Originally we were going to do the event for three different charities, but in the end decided to support our local Accord Hospice charity.

Accord Hospice is very close to my heart as my dear dad, Bill Semple, died at the age of 58, nearly 15 years ago in the hospice after suffering from a brain tumour. They continue to provide much needed care and facilities for Paisley and the surrounding areas.

So we signed up for the event last summer and now there is no going back!!!
Training has been hard, rewarding, fun and painful!!!! I am certainly fitter now and even have a little leg muscle…
I could not have done it alone and have enjoyed spending many a weekend with Rona, Hilary, Gordon, Stephen, Kerr and a few other Sooty Club Members! I especially would like to thank Kerr for his continuous supply of Snickers and I look forward to seeing him with his new cycling outfit!!!!!

There is also anther bunch of cyclists I would like to thank simply known as the Greenock boys! Lance, Alan, Ian, Ian and Anthony who have encouraged and supported us since we met in Puerto Pollenca!
Alan has a bike shop in Greenock called ‘Areobikes’ and has been servicing our bikes and always at hand to help with any maintenance issues. They have been a great support, trained with us and encouraged us!! Can’t wait to have a beer with them after Paris!!!

So the day is nearing for our departure!!! The nerves and excitement are kicking in now and I just want to get on my bike and go!!

I am looking forward to the event with Hilary and Rona! I know we will have a great time laughing, crying, shouting encouragement at each other when we are struggling and we will reach the Eiffle Tower’!
If you would like to support the cause please visit or leave your donations at the Brite Dental practices. Thank you very much!

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