Inman Aligner at Brite Dental, Scotland

Are you considering teeth straightening? 

The Inman Aligner is an orthodontic appliance that can correct the position of the front teeth in a matter of weeks. During the course of our lives our teeth can drift forward making them crooked and crowded. In many cases an individual's teeth can naturally be crowded. Fortunately with the inman aligner the front teeth can be corrected quickly and easily giving the teeth a straight and aligned appearance.

The benefits of using the inman aligner system as apposed to fixed braces is that you can remove the appliance for eating food, a job interview and also to brush your teeth. The inman aligner also has advantages over the clear aligner system in that you only need to use the one appliance over the course of treatment and it is more cost effective.

Brite Dental dentists have been using the Inman Aligner orthodontic system for a number of years with great success. If you would like to straighten your teeth and even up your smile contact our team and book your appointment today!

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