Purple Dental's relationship manager will:

Develop and implement a local marketing strategy to benefit your practice.

Support in the delivery of the practice clinical strategy and patient experience.

Assist in the setting of a practice pricing strategy based on the local market.

Develop and support the implementation of a patient journey.

Provide access to Purple Dental's practice literature, web site and marketing guidelines.

Complete a practice management IT strategy.

Grow your profit!

Grow your business with Purple Dental:

Purple Dental will train your team on our systems to enhance your patient dental experience and attracting patients through personal recommendations.

Purple Dental Academy and training team will develop your team to naturally promote clinical services and treatments to current patients. In turn this will generate more revenue for your practice.

We will create a marketing plan to target the right patients within your community, increasing footfall and growing revenue.

Our Purple Dental recruitment team and associated network of clinicians can support you in finding the right person to complement your team.

'It's difficult to attract private patients.'

'I wish I could attract the right patients to do the type of dentistry that will get my practice known!'

'Why is my practice not growing?'

'I really struggle to recruit the right clinical staff.'